The sun rays of another pale afternoon gently caress my hatless head, sparkling an imperceptible combustion of illusory comfort.

Your luminescent mantle allures; my reasons are first redeployed, then disappear completely while the glowing oranges of your scales are convincing me to quicken my decision.

Cars keep passing by; I feel like rebelling to my immobile legs. I always dreamed of translating a tangible apprehensiveness into the negation of the present. Suddenly, everything seems futile, except our intense look to each other.

To me, it's just an oddness, for I listen through fingers and heart. Even if I can't hold you in my hands, I'd surely wish you had it instead of me.

Do you see me now? What form do I have? What colour, then?

My backward voyage to the spring: memories are smashed to smithereens. I never thought much about my schoolmates, always had to enter that door much earlier than the others. Little did I know I would have met you there.

Can you elevate yourself when surrounded by dark waters? I wish I knew - I couldn't find the courage to jump, that november evening.

I'm paddling to no avail, trying to find you. Your new condition put a distance that we need to shorten.

Fuscous presages don't help remaining cool. Numberless reproaches have blocked my escapes and no one ever will give me a ride to your place. No one will miss my silences, too.

It's not really inestimable - still it has a value to me. You just seem not to care; an eternity awaits for you to understand.

Knelt over the water, my whole being is a perfect zero if looked from above. My devoutness to intuition will deliver me from sorrow.

Tomorrow I'll become adult: still I don't know why should I. Levigating new angles of harsh realities is not what I am supposed to learn.

You left me behind - but I can swim.


September 2004